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Wasps are an essential part of nature's ecosystem. A wasp nest in your home is something else!

The common wasp is the one most usually found in the UK and it always has bright yellow and black stripes with a distinctive narrow waist.

Wasps build paper nests either underground or in cavities in trees, walls and buildings and their nests are usually spherical ranging in size from that of an orange to a large beach ball. The thing to remember about wasps is that they'll only sting if they feel threatened. Unlike bees, wasps can sting a number of times.

Different people will react in different ways to the sting, from almost no effect at all to severe allergic reactions. Most will suffer pain and swelling to various extents. Stings are best treated with ice packs and antihistamine creams, though those suffering extreme reactions or with stings close to the face and neck should seek urgent medical attention.

If you suspect you may have a wasp nest in your property, don't go looking for it yourself - call in the professionals. A&S Pest Control technicians have the appropriate safety equipment and will investigate and remove the nest with no danger to you or your family.


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