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More of a nuisance these days than a health hazard. fleas can be very annoying!

Normally fleas are associated with cats and dogs, however, they can be found on all sorts of warm-blooded animals including rabbits, squirrels, rats, ferrets, mice, chickens and other birds, and, of course, humans.

Fleas feed on the blood of these animals and while they lay their eggs on them, the eggs are not sticky and will fall off usually somewhere in the vicinity, like a pets basket or onto carpet in the home. There are many different types of flea, but the most common are the cat flea, the dog flea and the human flea.

Fleas are small, dark-coloured insects with no wings and very narrow bodies that allow them to pass easily through the hairs or feathers of the host animal. They have developed very strong hind legs that enable the insect to jump a considerable distance in proportion to their size.

Fleas are not a major spreader of diseases, although they definitely can disseminate bacteria and were responsible for transmitting the bubonic plague from rats to humans. It's their bites that are irritating and a cause of some distress to those suffering from them whether they be human or animal, sometimes for up to two weeks after the flea has fed on them. 

For every flea seen around the home, there are many more in various stages of development and a household product available over the counter will not necessarily treat each of these stages. A professional A&S Pest Control technician will be able to treat each stage and know where the treatment will be most effective. They will also advise on any safety precautions required for you, your family and your pet. 


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